DEMA show 2010: Coverage


Day 1 booth visits.

Day 2 booth visits. More visits with suppliers and discussions about new products.

Day 2 Wetpixel/DivePhotoGuide Cocktail Party. Let’s get this party started.

Day 2 Special Report on the KISS GEM Rebreather

Day 3 booth visits and anti-shark finning protest

Day 4 booth visits

Slideshow of people and places at DEMA

DEMA 2010 Wrap-up

The Wetpixel/DivePhotoGuide Underwater Imaging Industry Cocktail Party.

The Wetpixel/DivePhotoGuide annual DEMA cocktail party was held last night at the Las Vegas Hilton. Renowned for raucous behaviour, and infamous for the hotel security being called two years ago, the party kicked off at 7pm in the slightly hard to find Pavilion suite 9 in the Las Vegas Hilton. Despite there being many events going on, over 300 people found their way and partied on to a DJ till late in the night.