DIVE 2009 UK show coverage

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Blanford Sub Aqua

Blanford were exhibiting Bonica’s Snap-HDDV dual housing video system. The first silicone sock housing offers waterproofing to 4 metres and probably some shock protection too. Fitting the second hard housing takes this depth rating to 50 metres. The camera is Bonica’s own and shoots 720 HD, 5 mp stills and sports manual white balance and seems to be a competent entry level system.

The Bonica Snap-HDDV Video System

Graham Tottle, Bonica’s UK importer, was keen to show me their brand new 6 LED video light. Powered by 8 on-board AA’s this heavy unit’s chassis owes more than a passing resemblance to the Remora strobe featured on the Fantasea Line and Fuji stand. I’d take a guess that the same factory is involved in manufacturing both. This video light’s beam is even and reasonably wide without any hotspots and would probably illuminate a 80-100 degree wide angle adapter lens quite well. The beam intensity is adjustable and would therefore be suitable for macro subjects too. Bonica will be showing this lamp at DEMA.

Graham Tottle of Bonica with his new video light

Light & Motion UK

Showing off Bluefin’s new Sony CX520 / 500 housing ahead of DEMA, Stephen Mawle treated me gently, spoke in words of one syllable and did his best to explain this housings innovations. I don’t shoot video but the complete and programmable remote infra red control this housing provides was impressive. It’ll be at DEMA so I’ll let someone far more able than me comment on this housing.

Nautical Archaeological Society

The NAS summer school in August 2010 is offering a five day course which combines an Introduction, and Part I with a Part III course in videography including sessions on shooting video underwater and processing footage to create a DVD. Video equipment is provided.

The Nautical Archaeological Society at DIVE 2009

Analox Sensor Technology Ltd

Gas analyzing technology specialists Analox are running a photo competition with a Fuji Finepix F200 EXR as the prize. Photographs can be entered either in printed form, or on a CD or USB flash drive. The competition is also open to anyone not able to attend DIVE 2009.

Presentations and Seminars

Not an exhaustive list of all DIVE 2009’s events and only those which I managed to fit in over the two days of the show.

Mark Addison - High Definition Sharks.

Mark presented a collection of Charles Maxwell’s latest and truly impressive HD footage from South African waters. Charles’ sardine run sequences were packed with adrenaline and previously unseen high-energy predation. Equally impressive were cameos of blue and mako sharks, kelp forests, cowsharks and seals, white sharks and tigers which included tigers feeding on a (dead) turtle and the work of the Shark Angels.

Mark rounded off his presentation with promo footage of ‘The Secret of Shark Rock’ a not to be missed investigation into the multiple aggregations of sharks on the Aliwal Shoal

Cameras Underwater - Simple Solutions for Stunning Results

With his Cameras Underwater hat on, Paul ‘Duxy’ Duxfield presented the basics of image improvement to a keenly interested audience of compact camera users. Most were users of the most basic of systems; a compact and OEM housing, and Duxy concentrated on the advantages of white balancing jpg images and the addition of wide angle adapters rather that promoting the use of strobes.

Maria Munn - Fabulous Photography with your Compact Camera

Maria’s niche is with the compact and her presentations are always full of easy to understand advice and encouragement

Paul ‘Duxy’ Duxfield and Saeed Rashid - Digital Clinic

To a packed audience of largely compact users, Saeed and Duxy’s presentation commenced with similar material to Duxy’s earlier lecture but quickly delved into the workings of Adobe Lightroom and made useful comparisons with Photoshop. Saeed lectures professionally on Adobe image processing software and fielded any enquiry with ease though I was intrigued that both advocated white balancing when shooting available light RAW images.

Author: Tim Moran

Tim (Timmoranuk) started diving more than twenty years ago but took up with an underwater camera system in only the past four and now is inseparable from his Canon G9, Ikelite and INON glass. Christopher (Cjmoranuk), is Tim’s twelve year old son and frequently partners Tim on his Egyptian Red Sea safaris. CJ also sports a G9 system like his father’s and both father and son share a Flickr site. Tim recently contributed a series of Red Sea trip reports to Wetpixel: