Easydive announces the Leo III housing

Easydive has released a new version of their Leo housing. The Leo III uses electronic control of most camera functions, which allows it to be upgraded for use with different camera models. It ships with 2 Nikonos and fiber optic connectors. It can be fitted with port connections for other manufacturers ports if required.

The Leo III is shipping now, priced at €2790.

Press release


Easydive has released the “LEO III”, their newest flagship of a universal underwater camera housing. The LEO III is completely electronically controlled and can host all major D-SLRs from CANON & NIKON, making it the only housing that works with more than 50 different D-SLRs. Switching between different camera models requires only a change of the housing’s camera tray and an update of the housing electronic’s firmware This can be done by the user, simply by connecting a USB stick with the new firmware (downloadable from the manufacturer) to the housing.

The Leo 3 comes with 2 Nikonos-style strobe cable connectors but supports usage of fiber-optic strobe cables as well. A optical/acoustical leakage warning is standard. Vacuum system, flash-trigger for fiber-optics, having the owners name written on the housing itself and several port-adaptors, that allow the usage of third party dome and flat ports (such as from Subal, Seacam, Sealux, Hugyfot and Sea&Sea) are optional items.

The rear door is sealed by 2 o-rings and the wet contact magnetic control buttons (in the ergonomic-shaped grips) are not effected by water or pressure at all.

The housing is made of aluminium, weights 3,8 kg., is depth-rated 150 meters and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The LEO 3 costs €2790, ready for a camera of the client’s choice. The upgrade cost for switching between different cameras is €389 per camera.

For more information, please see the Easydive website.