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photo: eric cheng
photo: eric cheng

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Wetpixel user Marriard writes the following:

Re: The Sea Slug Forum: I am a huge user and supporter of this highly informative and useful site. Although it will remain 'up' it will basically stop adding content from this point onwards. Below is the official message on the board and also an address to write to if you wish to express your disappointment that it is going away. I am in the process of drafting mine and if you have utilized this source I know it would be hugely appreciated by Dr Rudman if you would also (politely) indicate your disappointment to the below address as well. Maybe we can get this decision turned around over the next few months. www.seaslugforum.net is the address just in case you have never been there before. -Paul/Marriard

I regret to inform you all that the Sea Slug Forum as you now know it will close. Bill Rudman is a Principal Research Scientist at the Australian Museum and has been the mainstay of the Forum. His work as a Research Scientist is reviewed every three years by an externally appointed Committee, independent of the Museum. Last year he was told that the Committee, although it recognised that the Forum was a valuable contribution to science, did not consider his activity on the Forum to fulfil the requirements of his classification. Dr Rudman appealed that decision, with the help of letters of support from about 30 leading scientists from around the world. A few days ago Dr Rudman learnt that his appeal had been rejected.

The most immediate effect of this decision is that Dr Rudman will be unable to answer any more questions sent to the Forum. Despite his best efforts, the backlog of unanswered messages has reached almost 1000. Bill will try to answer those, but as he will have to that in his own time, It will be a slow task.

So that the Forum does not become totally static, we will keep the REPLY form available so that discussion on messages posted can take place.

Over the last few months Bill and the Web Unit have been planning a reorganisation of the design of the Forum so that we can implement some of the forum users suggestions and the outcomes of a accessibility evaluation. The navigation will improve, the general topics will be reorganised and hopefully the FAQ