First images of the Seacam housing for 5D Mark III

Seacam 5D Mark III housing on Wetpixel

Seacam’s USA distributor Stephen Frink has supplied a series of images of the company’s new housing for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III SLR. The images were shot during his first in-water experience with the housing and the back drop to the images is actually the camera table of the Thailand Aggressor.

The new housing does not have a control which allows access to the camera’s joystick. Stephen explains that:

The Q button brings up the info screen, and the button to its upper right navigates through the options. You can’t toggle back and forth, but only through the screen clockwise. In my experience using the system I rarely needed to access the options at the bottom of the screen, and found it easiest to leave it set on shutter speed. Then when I hit Q the main command dial (at my thumb) operates the shutter speed, but a light touch on shutter release makes the same wheel operate the aperture. As the thumb control is always easier than the forward finger control, I had instant access to my primary controls, shutter speed and aperture, through the same dial. I liked that, and it was a functionality I did not have with my 1DMKIV/1DsMKIII housing.

Obviously, all the other control options can be navigated to as well, but whatever is highlighted is what remains operational by clicking Q and then turning main command dial with the right thumb. I also found it useful when shooting shutter speed priority on a motor drive sequence, but in this case I left it set in the exposure compensation mode for easy bracketing.