First Look: Adobe Creative Cloud 2015

Creative Cloud 2015 on Wetpixel

Adobe’s updates to the Creative Cloud yesterday provided several new or improved tool options in Lightroom CC and Photoshop. There is a great thread on the Wetpixel forum discussing these new features, but it is worth reviewing a few of them here.

The addition of the Dehaze slider in the Effects panel (Cmd/Cntrl 7) of the Develop module is a definite positive addition for underwater shooters. When added, it seems to add contrast and some saturation, particularly in the midtones, which adds definition and depth to images. Although the effect looks like it adds sharpness, I can see no pixel sharpening.


After application of positive Dehaze effect

If it is used at a negative value sparingly, it softens the image, but very soon adds a significant haze, that may be of use creatively, is unlikely to be a normal part of image processing.

Unlike some Lightroom adjustments, Dehaze seems to be acceptable even at pixel level. As always, images should be viewed at 100% when applying this type of adjustment.


After application of positive Dehaze effect

Adobe’s decision to add it to the Effects panel is a strange decision. Although it is an effect, it should be in the Clarity/Saturation group in the basic panel in my opinion.

In Photoshop, they Content Aware Move tool now offers the option of transforming the moved object before placing it. This allows the user to scale, rotate and flip the moved object.

Performance improvements allow real time viewing of changes when using the Healing Brush, Spot Healing, and Patch tool. Previously, after the tool was applied, the effects were actually applied once the brush stroke was completed.

Adobe’s decision not to add the Dehaze slider to Lightroom 6 has caused some controversy. Many people feel that given the recent availability of version 6, Adobe should have added the functionality upon its release.