FIX ships NEO Mini 1000 focus light

FIX is shipping their Neo Mini 1000 WR focus light. If offers red and white beams that shut off automatically when strobe output is detected. The battery is removable and can be recharged externally or swapped.

The FIX Neo Mini 1000 WR is shipping now at $299.

Press release

FIX Neo Mini 1000 WR:

The Focus Light Reimagined!

The Focus Light Reimagined! - FIX Neo announces today the all new FIX Neo Mini 1000 WR with focus beams in both white and red light. The new Neo Mini reimagines how a new generation of focus lights are designed at a price that can accommodate any budget. Dive ready at a minuscule 160g, the Neo Mini has both white and red focus beams complimented by an automatic shut-off feature when a strobe flash is detected. The Neo’s are powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery system that can be swapped with a fully charged battery between dives. All-together, the FIX Neo Mini 1000 WR is a perfect compliment to any photography rig to provide excellent focus assist for any camera day or night.

FIX Neo Mini 1000 WR FS Launch

Watch the FIX Neo Mini 1000 WR introduction video.

Beams: White - Red - Plus Auto Shut-Off

The FIX Neo Mini 1000 WR has a beautiful 95° wide beam for both the white and red lights both cast is in even arcing smooth beam with no hotspots or edge drop-off. Switch between red and white beams is simple with just a push of a button. White light can be more successful as a focus light when competing against the sun in daylight hours or when a subject is further away and more light is needed.

The red beam is particularly useful for night photography where red is less disruptive to night marine life allowing you to get closer to your subject creating a more visually stunning photo.

Swappable - Rechargeable Battery System

Powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery, the FIX Neo Mini 1000 WR runs for 90 minutes in white mode and 120 minutes in red mode.

The Mini’s Li-ion battery can be swapped with a fully charged spare battery in-between dives. Meaning the photographer’s essential tool, a focus light, can always be ready for the next dive. The Mini’s status LED changes color to indicate remaining battery time so you can stop guessing about battery status and focus on making memories.

Unique Adaptable Mounting System

The FIX Neo Mini’s ship standard with the YS mount to attached to a variety of popular arm and mount systems. The Mini also comes with a Neo mount adapter allowing you to switch to the optional 1” ball, Locline, or GoPro mounts.

FIX Neo Mini 1000 WR specifications:

Model Number: 30397
MSRP: $299 USD
The FIX Neo Mini 1000 WR is currently in stock and shipping.
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