FREE Peter Scoones Talk in London


An Evening with Peter Scoones,
Legendary Underwater Cameraman
Thursday 27th April, 7 for 7.30pm

ʻSea Trekʼ, ʻLife on Earthʼ, ʻGreat White Sharkʼ, ʻLife in the Freezerʼ, ʻWildlife on Oneʼ , ʻBlue Planetʼ and ʻPlanet Earthʼ. Iconic documentaries that showcase some of the fi nest underwater footage ever screened. One man is synonymous with each. Peter Scoones.

Peter is the Emmy Award winning underwater cameraman who brings the oceans into our homes. His work, always perfect and always evocative has inspired many people to dive and inspired many divers to take up underwater photography.

Peter is one of those very rare filmmakers who cannot only visualise a new and exciting way to reveal a different side to his subjects, he can also invent the technology to make his vision reality. His naturalistic images are testimony not just to his imagination with a camera but also to his innovative equipment designs.

Ocean Optics has long had an association with Peter, of which we are extremely proud. In the 1970ʼs Peter designed specialised deep-water inspection cameras for the offshore oil and gas industries. These were marketed by Ocean Optics. He also developed the RB67 Marine housing produced by Ocean Optics for professional underwater photographers. The Ocean Optics Supercam was created by Peter for early video cameras helping to propel underwater videography into the mainstream. Today he develops professional housings and specialised
lens systems that continue to set new benchmarks in equipment allowing Peter to perpetually push the frontiers of underwater film making..

Peter has also been a keynote presenter at our ʻVisions in the Seaʼ underwater imaging conference. He is the co– founder , with our Master of Ceremonies, Colin Doeg, of the British Society of Underwater Photographers. Peter Scoones is the underwater cameramanʼs cameraman. We are very pleased, as part of our ʻGreat Diving Adventureʼ series, to bring Peter Scoones to clients of Ocean Optics and Mavericks Diving.

Peter will provide you with an insight into his world. Prepare to be entertained, amused and enthralled.

Tickets are free, but you must pre register as places are limited and pick up your ticket at the showrooms on the night. The presentation will be held at Kings College opposite the shop and will last about two hours or so.

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