Hero Armor housing for GoPro HERO released

Hero Armor has released a new housing for the GoPro HERO POV cameras and are seeking backers to finance its production on Kickstarter. It features quartz crystal optics, and is constructed of milled aluminum and stainless steel. Versions are planned that have a rear door with a window for use with the GoPro LCD backpack, and trays with “pistol grip style” handles for mounting lights.

Press Release.

As an introduction, we have just released a new product for the underwater video community.

For the first time, there is a professional made, purposely designed underwater housing for the GoPro camera’s. With crystal optics, sharp focus and a rugged all aluminum and stainless steel case, the Hero Armor is the choice for underwater video with the GoPro camera’s. Rugged, small, light weight and designed from the ground up to work above or below the water line. It’s my answer to creating an amazingly cost effective, professional way to shoot HD video underwater with the GoPro cameras.

Unlike the original plastic housing with out of focus, blurred vision…or aftermarket do-it-yourself kits, the Hero Armor has been designed from the ground up to provide you with the best optics, protection and versatility. Made from solid milled aluminum and stainless steel, its made to withstand the harsh saltwater environment. And keeping in-line with GoPro’s affordability for HD video in a compact size, we’ve also made this one of the most affordable professional housings on the market.

For more details, please visit our website.