How deep can humans go underwater?

Image from Shutterstock.

Popular mechanics answers the question, how deep can humans go? From traveling underwater via submarine, to using open circuit scuba, it is an interesting question to investigate.

The deepest point ever reached by man is 35,858 feet below the surface of the ocean, which happens to be as deep as water gets on earth. To go deeper, you’ll have to travel to the bottom of the Challenger Deep, a section of the Mariana Trench under the Pacific Ocean 200 miles southwest of Guam. And you’re going to need a shovel.

Officially, divers employed by the French underwater exploration outfit Comex (Compagnie Maritime d’Expertises), breathing carefully formulated gas mixtures and employing an elaborate pressurization regime known as saturation diving, hold the depth record of 1,752 feet.

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