HP Red Sea National Team category at Marseille 2013

Marseille Festial 2013

Photographers from the same country will be invited to team-up during the 2013 HP Red Sea shoot-out and to put together a portfolio for submission into a National Team category. For the purposes of the National Team category, teams will consist of 3 photographers from the same country and their portfolio will contain 6 images captured during the shoot out.

The judging phase and awards ceremony will take place during the fortieth Festival Mondial de l’image Sous Marine which is to be held from October 31 to November 3, 2013, in Marseille, France. Each team’s portfolio will be ranked by public online votes (15%), festival visitors votes (15%) and the jury panel at the festival (70%). The judging panel will cast their votes live on stage during the Marseilles Festival, in a “Eurovision” type event. This will also be broadcast via webcam, bringing the contest to underwater photographers around the world. Wetpixel will be on hand to report the results as they happen too.

HP Red Sea 2013