Hugyfot housing for GoPro

An image has been posted on Facebook that shows a Hugyfot housing for the GoPro HERO3. Details are not yet available, but the image shows the housing having an external monitor attached via a ball mount which presumably uses the camera’s HDMI connection. There also seems to be an additional port as well as a window for the LCD BacPac. Controls seem to give access to all camera functions. The illustration also shows the housing attached to a tray with two grips.

Hugyfot has just released full details. The housing will retails for 499 Euros, and will be available from mid-March 2013.

Press Release.

Hugyfot has developed an aluminum housing for the GoPro 3 camera. As this camera offers quite some interesting features, Hugyfot wanted to come up with a housing that would match this popular camera. Any Go Pro housing currently on the market only takes the Go Pro camera and its screen. When using such a setup, the use is limited to approximately 40 minutes, which is not enough for most users. To charge the Go Pro internal battery you need the Go Pro camera (USB) which means you cannot charge an extra battery while you are using your Go Pro camera. The Hugyfot housing however allows you to install an extra Hugyfot battery pack in between the Go Pro camera and the GoPro screen, extending the use up to 6 hours! This means that you will not have to worry about a recharge or a battery exchange for an entire day.

Some interesting features of the Hugyfot housing for the Go Pro 3:

Both camera and monitor housing are pressure rated to 100m. The monitor housing can be equipped with a cable of up to 3m, allowing the user to film in wrecks and caves when the camera is fixed to a stick.

Recommended retail price of the Go Pro housing: 499 Euro incl. VAT (accessories not included). Prices of optional battery pack and external monitor housing yet to be released. Housing, optional battery pack and external monitor housing will be available by mid-March 2013.