Hugyfot releases variable buoyancy arms.

Hugyfot has released a buoyancy arm kit that allows the user to adjust the buoyancy offered during a dive. The floating arm system, announced on Hugyfot’s Facebook page, consists of 4 arm segments with appropriate clamps. Two of the segments are standard fixed buoyancy versions, whilst the other two have a valve that allows them to be partially flooded. By allowing them to be partially flooded, the user can adjust the buoyancy of the arms as required. When empty, the arm system will be 2.5kg positive.

The arms are available now and the complete kit costs 750 Euros.

Product release information (from Facebook).

Hugyfot proudly presents its new adjustable floating arm system.

This arm system consists of:

The adjustable floating arms are equipped with a valve (red push button) which allows water to enter in the tube.

By pushing this button at the start of the dive, the air volume can be decreased (when descending) to adjust (reduce) the lift capacity to the weight of the setup.

This system enables the user to obtain a 100% neutral buoyancy at the start of the dive and to maintain this 100% neutral buoyancy during the entire dive at all depths.

Classic floating arms cannot be adjusted and will never allow a 100% neutral buoyancy for different setups at different depths. The Hugyfot floating system is adjustable at all times and will guarantee a 100% neutral buoyancy for any setup at all times at all depths. When at the surface (before and after the dive), the total lift capacity of 2.5Kg (4 arms) will allow the entire setup to float, thus avoiding loss of equipment or damage.

The entire set is sold at 750 Euro (retail incl. VAT). This system is now on stock and can be shipped immediately.

Don’t hesitate to contact Hugyfot if you should need extra information.