Ikelite D100 Housing and Ports: A Review in Photos

When the small Ikelite SLR housings for the Digital Rebel and the Nikon D100 came out, I was pleased to see that Ikelite had moved away from their 20 year old design SLR-MD housing with something new. Ike sent me a housing to try out, but due to travel plans, I never got a chance to post a full review. Since last year, I have been receiving requests from Wetpixel users for some sample photos taken using this setup with the Nikon 12-24DX lens. I've put all that I have together for a short article - really a photo presentation - showing how the new system fits together.

The front of the housing with the port for the 12-24DX

The rear of the housing showing the magnified viewfinder, button layout, and AF-Lock Lever

The camera mounts to the rear of the housing. Since the bulkhead is in the housing back, it's convenient to remove everything at once, however, this isn't possible with a zoom lens and zoom gear mounted.

The AE/AF lock is very easy to hit and hold using the ergonomically placed control.

The housing with manual power controllers mounted on Ikelite ball adapters. Note the dual sync cord connected to the back of the housing and running to each manual controller.

A front view of the system, set up for wideangle shooting.


Ikelite's New Manual Focus Port for the 105mm Macro

The Large Knob is Easy to Use for Manual Focusing

A gear fits on the lens AF-MF Shift Collar. It meshes with this knob, allowing the photographer to change between MF and AF on the same dive.

Pool testing the setup. Photo James Balkite

An image taken at 12mm. F19 @ 1/180th

An image taken at 24mm. F19 @ 1/180th

An image taken at close focus at 24mm. The lens is really sharp and can focus close enough for great anemone shots, fish portraits, etc.

A sample photo taken with the 105 in the manual focus port.

I hope you enjoyed this short article. While not a full review, I hope it gives a flavor for the new small SLR housing and ports being built by Ikelite.