Ikelite offers optical slave converter

Ikelite has released an optical converter for use with their DS1, DS160 and DS161 strobes. Suitable for off camera use, it will give manual exposure control of the strobe and will ignore pre-flashes. Uniquely, it can also accept a fiber optic cable, allowing it to be used to trigger Ikelite strobes via an optical signal.

The optical slave converter is available now at a U.S.A. retail price of $125.

From the Ikelite website:

Optical Slave Converter for DS51, DS160, DS161

Trigger your Ikelite DS-series strobe off any camera or strobe flash. The Optical Slave Converter simply attaches to the strobe’s electrical bulkhead in place of a sync cord connector. The enlarged slave window provides approximately 90 degrees field of view for remote triggering. Or thread on the included fiber optic port for the attachment of and triggering via a fiber optic cord.

The Optical Slave Converter automatically configures itself for compatibility with both pre-flash and non pre-flash camera modes. No setting of small switches or confusion over number of pre-flashes. Simply turn on your strobe and take one picture to configure.

The Optical Slave Converter can be extended using the optional 3-foot Extension Cord for creative backlighting in wrecks, caves, and pool studio set-ups. It can also be used above water for studio photography work.

The Optical Slave Converter supports manual exposure modes as set on the attached DS strobe. TTL exposure mode is not supported.

An individual Optical Slave Converter is needed for each strobe. Use of multiple strobes requires one Optical Slave Converter per strobe. DS50 and DS125 strobes may also be used with the Optical Slave Converter.

MSRP $125 Product Number 4403 More details are on the Ikelite website