Ikelite Olympus TTL Beta Test

Prototype Oly Ikelite TTL Circuit
Prototype Ikelite Oly TTL conversion circuit

Wetpixel member Peter Schulz got to test the new Ikelite circuitry which translates the camera's TTL metering system signal from an Olympus 5050 or 5060 and sends it to an Ikelite digital Substrobe. Peter dove with an Ikelite 5050 housing with the prototype conversion circuit installed.  To quote Peter:

"The results were outstanding. For the first time ever I got perfect lighting under almost every imaginable condition e.g. shooting under reefs, against the sand, against the sky, with cloudy skies, sunny skies, etc. without changing any camera settings during the dives! This TTL system really rocks!"

Here's one of Peter's sample shots that shows that the TTL works pretty well:

To read the rest of Peter's comments on the system and to see his sample photos, visit the Splashdown Divers page.

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