Ikelite releases port extension

Ikelite has released a 2.2 inch port extension that provides compatibility for various longer lenses when used in conjunction with their mirrorless flat port. It attaches using Ikelite’s press-fit design common to their mirrorless and compact SLR housings.

Press release

Ikelite® Lens Extension 2.2-Inch

The Ikelite 2.2 inch lens extension extends an Ikelite Mirrorless Flat Port for use with longer lenses. The Lens Extension uses the unique press-fit design, which has become standard on Ikelite housings for Compact DSLR and Mirrorless cameras. Designed for ease of assembly and maximum reliability for travel, the system involves no threads that may stick or gear assemblies that may jam!

Perhaps most notably, this extension combines with the Mirrorless Flat Port Extended to use the Canon 100mm IS USM Macro lens with the Ikelite Housing for the Canon EOS 100D Rebel SL1 compact DSLR. Finally, this superb lens can be used with one of the smallest and lightest underwater DSLR housings on the market. Take full advantage of the 100mm Macro lens’ superb autofocus system to shoot you favorite tiny critters!

In addition to the 100mm Macro, the following macro set-ups are also usable with this port combination:

The Lens Extension 2.2-inch supports auto focus only with all combinations.

This product is expected to start shipping in mid-February and is available for order worldwide through any Authorized Ikelite Dealer.