Image: Rhino shrimp by Suria Nataadmadja

Rhino shrimp

Here is the behind the shot details from Suria Nataadmadja:

I took this photo at Bubbles, a dive site next to Secret Garden in Anilao, in the Philippines. The water was at 27 C, a bit cold for me, with mild current, a bit difficult to take pictures but the current also made the visibility better. This photo was shot with Canon G15, Nauticam Housing, Single Inon D2000 Strobe, Subsee +10. F/8 - 1/100 - ISO 100.

For this photo, credit goes to Mr. Berting Dipasupil, a very good guide and DM from Acacia Resort. Without him the Rhino Shrimp would be invisible to me.