Inon puts the blue back in

Trailed by Wetpixel Associate Editor Alex Mustard in the first Wetpixel Hangout, Inon has now announced the release of their color correction filters for the Z240/Z220/D2000 and S-2000 series strobes. These filters warm the strobes color temperature from a native 5600°K to 4900°K or 4600°K, typically providing a richer shade of blue in wide-angle images. The filters are available in two versions, one for Z and D series strobes and another for S series. In addition, they are available in either a 4600°K or 4900°K versions and with -0.5 or non-diffused versions.

All the filters will be available from late June, at prices to be determined. Wetpixel is expecting a set to arrive soon, so please stay posted for test images.

Press Release.

Color Temperature Conversion Filters.

INON INC. is pleased to announce official release of new Color Temperature Conversion Filter series for Z-240/D-2000 series/Z-220 series and S-2000 to be available later June, 2012. The new filters are to reduce color temperature of combined strobe light.

Product features.

Adding these filters on strobe enables to reduce color temperature of strobe light. Two different grade filters deliver strobe light at color temperature 4900K or 4600K from original 5500K and each grade filter has non-diffuse version at same power output and half stop diffused version which increases beam angle to 110 degree. These filters have been designed on totally new concept to control color temperature of underwater strobe to extend range of underwater imaging expression.

Reducing color temperature of strobe light will yield following effects; Capture skin tones of a diver more healthy, Brighten up warm color subject and Make back ground water color richer blue without changing foreground subject color by converting RAW image at 4900K or 4600K.

Sample image processed RAW file at color temperature 4600K. Changing color temperature adds vivid blue on back ground water. Equipment:Canon EOS50D/X-2 for EOS50D, Tokina AT-X107DX Z-240 x 2 (S-TTL Auto).
Photo data:Zoom wide end (10mm), F11, 1/60, ISO400. 
Filter:Left -0.5 White Diffuser 2 (TTL/Manual)(Processed RAW image at 5500K) Right-0.5(4600K) Diffuser (TTL/Manual)(Processed RAW image at 4600K)


(*1) External Auto mode is not usable for when the filter is attached on Z-240/D-2000/D-2000W/D-2000Wn. Use S-TTL Auto or Manual mode.