Inon releases warming diffusers for Z330 strobe

Inon has announced the release of a pair of warming diffusers for the Z330 strobe. These modify the strobe’s color temperature output from 5500°K to 4600° and 4900°K respectively. Using these, in conjunction with setting the camera’s white balance to suit, will enhance the blue tones in an image.

The Strobe Dome Filters 4900K/4600K are shipping now. Please consult with your local dealer for pricing

Press release

Strobe Dome Filter 4900K/4600K

INON INC. is pleased to announce official release of new Strobe Dome Filter 4900K and Strobe Dome Filter 4600K to use for Z-330 strobe to change its native color temperature on March 29th, 2018.

Inon Z330 on Wetpixel
Left : Strobe Dome Filter 4900K
Right : Strobe Dome Filter 4900K installed on the Z-330 strobe.

Inon Z330 on Wetpixel
Left : Strobe Dome Filter 4600K
Right : Strobe Dome Filter 4600K installed on the Z-330 strobe.

Product features

The Strobe Dome Filter 4900K warms up native color temperature of the Z-330 5500K to 4900K while the Strobe Dome Filter 4600K changes native 5500K to 4600K. Warmer color temperature delivered from Z-330 strobe through these filters benefits to enhance healthy skin of divers or highlight warm color subject. Also shooting in RAW with same white balance setting (4900K or 4600K) on a camera provides richer blue on background water column with keeping natural color of a subject lit by strobe light.

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