Inon ships new mount adaptors

Inon has announced two new adaptors that allows a diving weight to be used as a simple tripod to hold lights, strobes or GoPro camera. Available in two types, one utilises bolts to affix the mount, the other hook and loop straps. In addition, the company has also released two new YS mount adaptors.

The new Weight Plate mounts and adaptors are shipping now.

Press release

INON INC. is pleased to announce the official release of Weight Plate series to use a diving weight as a tripod base to hold LED flashlight/strobe/GoPro® accessory. Two different types are available either Weight Plate (Screw Type which fastens the product onto a diving weight firmly with screws and dedicated plates or Weight Plate (Velcro Type) for easy and speedy installation with a Velcro tape to suit different applications.

Weight Plate (Screw Type)

 —Release date: September 16th, 2015

Weight Plate (Velcro Type)

 —Release date: September 16th, 2015

INON INC. is pleased to announce official release of new YS mount adapters for simple and compact set-up of LED flashlight/strobe/GoPro® accessory in combination with the Single Light Holder/Z Joint.

Direct Base YS RT

 —Release date: September 16th, 2015

Direct Base YS

 —Release date: September 16th, 2015