Introducing Shark Bytes by John Bantin

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Wetpixel member John Bantin has published his third book. Entitled “Shark Bytes: Tales of Diving with the Bizarre and the Beautiful”, John tells tales about diving with the apex predators and the individuals that he has bumped into along the way during his 20 year career. Illustrated with his imagery, John hopes that “this book will do something for the future well-being of sharks”.

Shark Bytes is available now from the publisher, Amazon or other book sellers. It is priced at £17.99.

Press release


Shark Bytes: Tales of Diving with the Bizarre and the Beautiful by John Bantin is published by Fernhurst Books on 15 September 2015, RRP: £17.99

There are few underwater experiences more exciting than diving with sharks, and in his new book, Shark Bytes: Tales of Diving with the Bizarre and the Beautiful, diving veteran and best selling author, John Bantin, has animated the experience like never before, making it a thrilling ‘must read’ for all dive enthusiasts.

During his exhilarating career as a dive journalist, Bantin has spent over two decades observing and interacting with many of the species of shark. Well known in the diving industry as an accomplished raconteur, Shark Bytes: Tales of Diving with the Bizarre and the Beautiful collates Bantin’s favorite anecdotes of his inspiring, exciting and sometimes shocking encounters with sharks and other marine animals.  In this beautiful book, tales of outstanding natural beauty and mesmerizing underwater serenity rub shoulders with dramatic accounts of razor-sharp teeth and voracious, deadly predators. Bantin’s detailed, affectionate and thrilling stories include his eventful first dive, when he met a shark and his boat sank; a heart-stopping confrontation with a tiger shark; and the many characters – both marine and human – that have crossed Bantin’s path along the way.

This 224-page compilation of Bantin’s incredible experiences is accompanied by over 80 stunning color photographs, taken by the author himself during his exhilarating underwater career.

Published on 15 September 2015 in the UK by Fernhurst Books, Shark Bytes is priced at £17.99, printed in flexibound format and will be available to buy from all good bookshops and book websites and direct from Fernhurst Books.

About the author:

John Bantin learned to dive in 1979, and as his passion for the sport grew it began to take up more and more of his life, until he made it his career in 1992. For more than 20 years Bantin has travelled the globe, experiencing and witnessing some of the most impressive underwater encounters. During this time he has been Technical Editor of Diver Magazine and regularly published in Undercurrent magazine and DYK. This year he was shortlisted for the Environmental Photographer of the Year award. Shark Bytes is Bantin’s third book; his best seller, Amazing Diving Stories, was published in 2013.