Keldan announces the LUNA 4X video light

Keldan is now shipping a 6,000 Lumen video light with a 110° beam angle with a color rendering index of 82. The 4X has a burn time of 45 minutes at full power with batteries that can be changed in the field.

The Luna 4X is shipping now with a U.S.A. retail price of $1,540.

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6000 Lumen, 110 Degree Beam Angle, and 82 CRI in a Compact Professional LED Video Light

The upgrades KELDAN has managed to pull off in this light are staggering. Output is increased by 50%, beam angle 110°, and a CRI of 82. Keldan takes performance standard seriously, carefully validating all specifications in an exhaustive quality assurance process. LUNA 4 emits an actual measured 6,000 lumen, not a calculated output.

Beam angle in water when measured using the FWHM standard of 50% intensity is 90 degrees, but that doesn’t accurately represent the beam pattern of this light. The usable beam angle is much wider thanks to a very even and gradual edge falloff.

Battery packs can be easily changed on in the field, supporting long shooting days, and an LED charge indicator provides battery info at a glance. KELDAN LUNA 4X: the performance professionals require.

LUNA 4X is the ultimate video lighting solution for today’s hybrid imaging systems. Thanks to its compact form factor, the light is perfectly matched in size with mirror less interchangeable lens systems, DSLR cameras, and camcorders. The ultra wide lenses utilized by these systems demand a wide, smooth beam angle, and LUNA 4X delivers. LUNA 4X achieves remarkably accurate color rendition thanks to its even spectral distribution.

LUNA 4 X is available now from KELDAN dealers world wide. More information is available now on the Keldan lights website.

Keldan is distributed in the Americas by Nauticam USA. More information about Nauticam USA products is available on the web, or via email.

Model Number: 727
MSRP: $1,540
Available Now