Kozyndan kelp print for sale on Pangeseed

Artists and underwater photographers Kozy and Dan Kitchens have released their “Kelp Magic” print as a part of the PangeaSeed “HOME” print suite, which aims to bring attention to threatened marine habitats around the world. The prints are a numbered limited edition.

Kozy and Dan comment:

As Californians, Kozy and I were honored to be given the Kelp Forest habitat as part of PangeaSeed’s “HOME” print suite, which seeks to bring attention to various threatened marine habitats around the world. As divers who spent a good amount of time floating happily through these radiant forests that can be bursting with life, it is a pleasure for us to depict this ecosystem with Kozy’s painting. Its an ecosystem that only exists along the pacific coastline of the Americas, and along California in particular - where it comes into heavy contact with human activity. Over the last several hundred years the kelp forests, which practically lined the entire coast of California have dwindled down to mere pockets because of human hunting. It began with fur traders hunting sea otters nearly to extinction by the early 1800’s, not knowing that sea otters kept the sea urchin population at bay. The explosion of sea urchins (who like to feed on the holdfasts of giant kelp) caused a massive decline of the forests, which were the main protective environment a majority of species along this coast. Visit the link to find out more about how you can help protect this ecosystem!

Kozyanddan’s “Kelp Magic” print is available now from PangeaSeed.

Here is all the relevant info regarding the print:

Title: “Kelp Magic”.
Edition Size:100 (signed & numbered)
Print Details: Fine-art Giclée print on coldpress watercolor paper
Dimensions:18” x 24”
Printmaker: Hero Complex Gallery
Price:$100 plus shipping & handling