Light & Motion announces fluorescence filter for GoPro

Light & Motion GoPro fluorescence filter

Light & Motion has released a fluorescence filter for the GoPro Hero3. The filter is constructed from aluminum and is attached onto the GoPro housing with a simple one screw installation. The filter is a flip style, so can be easily moved aside to allow for conventional light filming. The filter is available now and costs $99.00

Press release.

New Nightsea Flip3 Filter.

Monterey, CA: Capture fluorescent underwater footage on your GoPro Hero3 using Light & Motion’s new Nightsea Flip3 filter. Crafted with aircraft grade aluminium, the robust Nightsea Flip3 filter is a quick simple installation process, that when used in conjunction with your Sola Nightsea blue dive light, gives you the opportunity to bring home astounding fluorescent underwater video and photos that will amaze and impress your friends and family.

With the quick, simple one-screw installation process, you will be filming fluorescent coral and fish in minutes. Push open the yellow filter to take regular video and then easily flip it closed again to make the creatures around you fluoresce once again. It is that simple!

Light & Motion GoPro fluorescence filter

The Nightsea Flip3 filter is only effective when used with the Sola Nightsea, a blue LED light emitter.

The Sola NIGHTSEA, is the most advanced tool for fluorescence diving on the market. This is not a white light with a blue filter. The Sola NIGHTSEA takes full advantage of the high output efficiency of LEDs by using blue LEDs coupled with NIGHTSEA’s proprietary interference filter that fine tunes the output for maximum viewing effect,” says Dr. Charles Mazel, President of Nightsea, LLC, and principal research scientist who pioneers the study of fluorescence as well as the specialised equipment needed to do so.

Light & Motion GoPro fluorescence filter

The Sola Nightsea ships standard with a convenient hands-free wrist mount that is easily removed to substitute a ball mount, a localise video mount, or a pistol grip. This light also ships standard with a remote phosphor cap that turns blue light to white – perfect for orienting yourself, reading your gauges, or just seeing what exactly it is that is fluorescing. It is a whole different world down there when you use your blue LED light! Be the first of your dive group to experience it. For more details, please visit www.lightandmotion.com.