Lightroom 3 arrives

After more than 600,00 downloads of the trial version, Adobe has released the full version of Lightroom 3. After an extended beta period with two versions, Lightroom 3 features an improved RAW processing engine, as well as support for video files, and a much improved noise reduction logarithm. Many people have found that the “under the hood” changes in the beta versions have significantly benefited their workflows.

Specific changes in the full version over the beta include:

  * Profile-based lens correction
  * Manual geometric lens correction
  * Horizontal and vertical perspective correction
  * Improved Web templates for updated color and design options
  * Additional Print templates to utilize the new creative layout options
  * New develop presets for creative B&W and Color adjustments
  * Focal length filtering available in the metadata filter
  * Updated SDK with publish collection functionality and access to collection and keyword metadata
  * Improved interactive responsiveness
  * Ability to upgrade catalogs from Lightroom 1, Lightroom 2, Lightroom 3 beta and Lightroom 3 beta 2
  * Ability to migrate Photoshop Elements 6, 7 or 8 catalogs to Lightroom 3
  * Updated print resolution limits of 720ppi for local printing and 1200ppi for printing to a JPEG file.

Julieanne Kost has a series of videos highlighting the changes,