New Anglerfish discovered in wake of Deepwater Horizon


A new species of the infamous anglerfish has been described. Three specimens were collected in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon spill at a depth between 2,625 and 4,265 feet below the surface.

The fish were collected a year after the oil rig explosion as part of the damage assessment by NOAA.

If you are unfamiliar with the anglerfish M.O., it is this: hold motionless in the water waving a tasty looking, sometimes glowing lure. When something swims up to investigate, chomp.

While the anglerfish is one of the most well known deepwater fish, what is slightly less well known is that their average length is only 3 cm from tip to tip.

For the best all-purpose exposition on the subject, see zefranks’s immortal video, “True Facts About the Anglerfish

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