New CompactFlash card features RAID style back-up

Amulet RAID CF card on Wetpixel

Due to launch on 14 June is a new CompactFlash card that offers the option of an in-card “mirror” back-up similar to that of a RAID drive. The idea is that the card can be split into two partitions that each record information simultaneously. Of course, this halves the storage capacity and the read/write speeds. In the case of Amulet’s product, it will be available in 64GB and 32GB versions, giving 16 and 32GB of memory in “mirroring” mode. Read/write speeds are at 60/50MB per second, which drops to 30/25MB when the card is backing itself up.

This may be an effective solution for cameras with only one CF slot, or in situations where storage corruption will present a significant loss in earnings. Prices of the new cards is yet to be announced.