New iPhone housing on Kickstarter

Ovision has initiated a Kickstarter campaign to fund additional production of their aluminum iPhone housing. The housing is compatible with all iPhone 4, the 5 and 5S models and is waterproof to 300ft. Ovision has also released a free App that simplifies control of the phone when it is in the housing.

Press release

Ovision’s new iPhone underwater housing

Ovision is proud to introduce their new iPhone underwater housing. In fact, we are currently at our 3rd version of this housing, which is now with a sleeker design and more functionalities. This unique product will let you bring your iPhone to new depths. It has been designed to transform your iPhone into an underwater video/photo camera. Take it with you while you are snorkeling, diving or when you are in any harsh environment.

Ovision designed and manufactured a user-friendly and ergonomic system based on the undeniable high definition of the iPhone’s camera. This housing can accommodate the amateur as well as the professional scuba diver wishing to share their underwater passion.

The rubber cushion and bumper will hold in place and accommodate the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and the new iPhone 5S. The mechanical buttons will let you use the main functions of the photo/video apps of your phone with our custom iPhone application.

The housing has been tested to a depth up to 91.4m/ 300ft in a pressure tank but can surely go further.


CONTROL VIA COMPATIBLE APP: Ovision has launched a free App that simplifies controlling your iPhone while it is in the housing. It is available on the App Store.

DUAL LOCKING LATCHES FOR MORE SAFETY : To prevent accidentally opening of your housing while diving or snorkeling, we designed it with two locking latches. To open the housing, simply open both latches and pull the cap off.

BULLETPROOF: The Ovision housing is made with marine grade aluminum, stainless steel and optical clear acrylic.

USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN : The Ovision housing lets you use your video/photo camera application. The mechanical buttons lets you switch from video to photo, photo to video and even lets you view your shots as you go along.

EASY SET-UP : The unique design of this iPhone housing lets you safely use your iPhone underwater in seconds. Simply open the cap by pressing both safety latches, slide your iPhone in and replace the cap. That’s it; you’re now set and ready to enjoy.

FLAT LENS FOR BEST IMAGE : The optical grade acrylic flat lens is optimal for best image quality and good focussing. Compared to glass lenses, acrylic can be repaired by polishing so you don’t have to worry about changing your lens.

TRIPOD MOUNT : There are two ¼-20 threaded holes at the bottom of the housing so you can mount the housing to your tripod. You can also attach a variety of underwater accessories which usually uses ¼-20 holes.


DIMENSIONS : 81.58mm x 154.46mm x 23.48mm / 3.21’’x 6.07’’ x 0.92’’
WEIGHT : 360gr / 0.8lbs
WARRANTY : 1 year


We are proud to announce that we will be launching the Kickstarter campaign for our iPhone underwater housings on December 11, 2013. There are already several underwater iPhone housings but we believe our housing offers much more than what is currently on the market. Ours are robust, professional, ergonomic, made of high-grade aluminum and stainless steel (compared to plastic) and all this at a very competitive price.

Why do we need Kickstarter to launch our project?

In fact, we are already producing these underwater housings in small lots but would like to increase our production which would make it affordable to larger broad of customers. The main goal of our Kickstarter campaign is to reduce the retail price of the housings we sell and give us the resources we need to develop accessories for our products at the same time.

Why you should support our campaign?

The best camera is the camera you have with you at all times, even more so with the social media craze. Not only everyone knows what we are doing but with an iPhone in our pocket, we are able to share what we are currently seeing. Imagine going to the pool, the beach, on a snorkeling or scuba diving trip and, by taking your iPhone along with you, take underwater pictures of friends and marine life and share them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Our housings give you the possibilities to share magical moments with your friends and make everyone jealous.

What you get by backing our campaign.

Of course, backers will be able to pledge for one of our housings at a reduced price. Before our Kickstarter Campaign, our retail price was 174.99$. If we reach our funding goal, we will be able to offer this amazing product for 139.99$. First backers will have the opportunity to grab the early-birds housings for 95$ while all others will get it for 110$. There will also be a ‘’Kickstarter limited-edition’’ housing that the backer will be able to choose his own color from a complete range of colors. Finally, we will introduce 2 accessories during this campaign: an amber flip filter to allow users going at greater depths get the best colors and also a grip to better manipulate the aluminum housing.

Please feel free to contact o-vision via email or visit our website

1568 Laurier Est,
Quebec, Canada,
H2J 1H9