New preset manager launched

ACR Preset Manager

Wetpixel member Richard Bowes (wizbowes) has just released an application that allows users to convert Lightroom presets in Adobe Camera Raw. ACR Preset Manager also allows presets to be organized into logical groups and for switching between presets without leaving Bridge. The new software costs £24.99 and is currently only for Windows, with a possibility of a version for Mac later. It is available now.

Press Release.

Convert Lightroom Templates for use in Camera Raw with ACR Preset Manager

ACR Preset Manager - The smart, fast and intuitive way to convert Lightroom templates, manage ACR presets and improve RAW processing workflow.

London, 24th March 2013. Olliamsoft announces the release of ACR Preset Manager software for Windows, allowing Adobe Camera RAW users to make use of the thousands of processing templates already available for download and purchase by Lightroom users. Combining a conversion tool, dedicated preset management tool and other innovative features ACR Preset manager will dramatically improve the workflow of any professional and serious amateur photographers using Adobe Camera Raw.

Converts Lightroom Templates – Converts large or small libraries of Lightroom Templates into Camera Raw presets in minutes.

Manages Presets Libraries –Manages Camera Raw presets using the attractive and intuitive interface, allowing presets to be sorted into logical groups to be made available for selection in Camera Raw only when required.

Load only the presets required into Camera Raw - Prevents users being overwhelmed by 100’s or 1000’s presets being available.

Switch between loaded presets without leaving Bridge – Allows switching of presets loaded whilst remaining in Bridge greatly improving workflow and productivity.

More information and demonstration videos are available on our website.