New version of Bermuda Reef Life App released

Bermuda creole wrasse terminal male is possibly a new endemic species to Bermuda.

The Bermuda Zoological Society and the Atlantic Conservation Partnership have released version 2 of their Bermuda Reef Life App. It now contains 260 images of 136 species of the area’s marine life, and has updated several taxonomic changes.

The App is available from the App Store and iTunes for $4.99.

Yellowhead wrasse terminal male (Halichoeres garnoti and locally called a redback) is a species variation unique to Bermuda.

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Bermuda Reef Life HD App V.2 released

Bermuda Reef Life HD app for iOS devices has been revised and enlarged to Version 2. It now features over 260 HD images encompassing 136 species of Bermuda’s reef life, many in various stages. Several of these photographs helped the Smithsonian in their October 2013 update to their authoritative Fishes of Bermuda 1999 publication. In particular the app alerted Smithsonian marine scientists to marked differences between the Bermuda Creole Wrasse and the Bermuda Yellowhead Wrasse (Redback) with Caribbean counterparts and subject to further studies the former may well turn out to be another Bermuda endemic species.

Bermuda is unique in having the northernmost Coral Reef System in the world. Just 640 miles from the Eastern Seaboard of the USA in the Mid-Atlantic, Bermuda possesses one of very few remaining healthy reef systems in the greater Caribbean area as elsewhere there have been large die-offs of corals. This British Overseas Territory is also renowned for a great number of wrecks - many of historical importance and almost all within scuba diver reach and often snorkeling friendly depths.

Blue parrotfish (Scarus coeruleus) is one of 13 parrotfish species reported within Bermuda waters.

Bermuda Reef Life HD app is a comprehensive photo application with descriptions showcasing the beauty and diversity of Bermuda beneath the surface. It also provides information on, and underwater photos of, buoyed reef and wreck dive sites within Bermuda’s extensive reef system and an interactive buoyed dive site map. In addition to a search function, it has a slide show feature for the lovely high definition pictures.

The app is published jointly by Bermuda Zoological Society and the Atlantic Conservation Partnership, the not for profit organizations that support the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo. These institutions provide and promote education and conservation of our island both terrestrial and ocean. For these reasons the author, adopted Bermudian Ron Lucas, donated all the reef photographs and wrote the descriptions.

Bermuda Reef Life HD app inspires appreciation and conservation of Bermuda’s island environment and provides residents and visitors, or indeed anyone interested in marine life with a resource on underwater Bermuda. It’s a “must have” app for divers and snorkelers with iPads, iPhones or iPod Touches.

North Carolina dead-eyes were used to fasten lines on sailing ships but look eerily like skulls on old wrecks.

The app is divided into 14 sections with 10 of these featuring groupings of related fish species. In addition there are sections on “Other Marine Life”, “Seldom Seen in Bermuda” marine species, “Reef Activity” and “Reef and Wrecks”.

Whilst the app is very useful in identifying Bermuda reef fish and marine creatures, persons interested in more detailed ID information should consult specialist ID books including the REEF series.

Bermuda Reef Life HD app is available from the App Store and iTunes for $4.99 which goes towards offsetting the supporting charities development costs.

Soon to be released for the Android operating system.