New World releases iBook version of Caribbean Reef Fish ID

New World Publications has released their Reef Fish ID - Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas book as an iBook, specifically designed for use with an iPad. It has enhanced navigation and functionality, including touch functions, as well as a revised layout which provides each species with its own pages.

The iBook version of Reef Fish ID - Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas is available via the iBook store at a retail price of $39.99. New World has also released a PDF version of the Nudibranch & Sea Slug Identification Indo-Pacific priced at $60.

From New World Publication’s Eric Riesch:

iBook version of Reef Fish ID - Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas.

As you know we now have 9 books in PDF ebook format that can be read on multiple operating systems and tablets and sold directly from our site at fishid.com. They are basically what you see with the paper book, page numbers are the same and searching is mainly done by an index. That satisfies most divers that want our books in digital format.

We wanted to go beyond that and produce an ebook with search functions more like an app. For the past year I have been building a whole new layout and design custom made directly for the iPad with multi touch functions. Each chapter begins with thumbnails of all species included in the chapter.

You can immediately click the photo to enlarge a picture or click the text to go directly to that species page. Within a chapter, family sections also begin with thumbnail photos of all species in that family that function the same way. A species page has multiple photos and drawings that can be expanded to full page viewing. It also has a big yellow button in the top right corner of the page that takes you back to the family introduction in case you want to look for similar species. At any time within a chapter, you can pinch the page and drag in to the bottom then easily scroll back and forth within the chapter. You can also click the main chapter picture and quickly scroll through the 12 chapters.

Just like our book, you can start at the introduction section and look through the body shapes of all families within the book to find your “mystery fish”. Every drawing is hyperlinked to the family section within a chapter so if you click the “frogfish” drawing at the front you will go to a thumbnail gallery of only “frogfish” and be able to look for the fish you saw.

The “How to use this enhanced ebook” from the front of the Introduction section to better describe the organization and the use of this ebook.

The iPad version not only has thumbnail searches and hyperlinks back and forth jumping you quickly and easily through the book, but it also includes 201 additional photos and 5 more species than the printed book or PDF ebook. Another major difference you will immediately see is that each species is given its own page. This extends the book to be 712 pages.

With the release of iBooks for Mac OS X 10.9 it can also be used for Mac computers, but is designed to looks best on the iPad. Due to file size limitations inherent with the iBook format, this is the only book that New World plans to publish in the format.

Here is the link to view it on the Apple iBooks Store. As an iBook, it is available in 51 countries.

The book retails for $39.99. For more details, please visit this page and to compare all the electronic versions offered by New World Publications, please visit this page.

Nudibranch & Sea Slug Identification Indo-Pacific PDF version released.

The second edition of the definitive reference to nudibranch and sea slugs in the Indo-Pacific is now also available as a PDF eBook. It catalogs almost 2,000 species in 2,250 photographs and can be viewed via Adobe Digital Editions on a laptop, phone or tablet.

It is available to purchase and download via this link (Wetpixel affiliate link) for $60.