Nikon Announces D50 and 2 New AFS-DX Lenses

Article Summary:

A few weeks ago, after an information leak, Nikon announced that they would release details for two new cameras on April 20th.  Today, we learn about the new cameras, as well as two new lenses.  The D50 is an entry level DSLR, aimed at the niche filled by the Canon 300D and 350D.  It uses the same 6 megapixel sensor as the D70 but is smaller, less expensive, and only sports one command dial (much like the original Drebel).  The two new lenses are the 18-55 AFS DX and the 55-200 AFS DX - both of which are not fast or stabilized, but do have the silent wave motor.  This new camera does not look compatible with D70 housings, and it’s also notable that there is only an SD media slot - no compact flash.