Nocturnal lights provides specifications of LUNA 4V lights

Nocturnal Lights, the US distributor for Keldan, has released full specifications of the LUNA 4V video light. It is described as a “compact video light for smaller video setups” with power settings from 1100 through to 4000 lumens via 5 power settings. It has an externally charged removable battery good for 50 minutes at full power.

Wetpixel will be running a full review of the LUNA 4 soon, along with other 4000 lumen lighting solutions suitable for SLR video. The Keldan LUNA 4V is shipping now at a retail price of $1,500.

Press Release.

Keldan’s 2012 Luna 4 V.

Keldan’s 4000 lumen Luna 4 V is a compact video light designed for smaller video setups, DSLRs, and the advanced compact cameras that shoot high definition videos. While the light is smaller and easier to travel with, it is still capable of producing 4000 lumen (measured) with five adjustable power settings incrementing from 1100 lumen (3 hours and 20 minutes) to 4000 lumen (50 mins). It has a removable battery pack that has a battery charge indicator so you know exactly how much power you have left and you have the option to purchase additional batteries. Compared to the flagship Luna 8 LA-V video lights from Keldan, the Luna 4 will appeal to customers who are looking for a more compact setup.

MSRP on the new Luna 4 V is $1500 and spare batteries are $270 each. The standard package comes with a YS mount that will fit on all YS style arms, and a YS-Ball joint adapter is available for any ball joint setup. For more information please visit the US Distributor website.

Specification summary:

Extremely small and lightweight 4000 lumen LED video light

*Speckle free, soft beam pattern.
*Self-contained, durable design.

Please visit Nocturnal Lights for more information.