Oceanbrite announces Jonah 300D Package availability

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Paso Robles, CA 93446
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Ocean Brite Systems, in association Jonah Housings, is proud to announce the release of our new Housing for the Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel Camera.

Ocean Brite is packaging the Jonah Housing with the 8” Dome Port & Cover, the 18/55mm Zoom Gear and the Canon 300D Digital SLR Camera with 18/55mm Lens for a total price of: $2,999.00 INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL

We include controls or buttons for all the functions of the Canon 300D Digital Rebel Camera. The Housing will accommodate the Standard Canon 18mm-55mm Zoom Lens, as well as, large variety of Canon and Sigma Fixed and Zoom Lenses in the optional Ports. (Jonah Canon 300D Housing ONLY--$1,745)

We have also developed AFFORDABLE COMPLETE Flash Packages which include the FLASH Head for both the Canon 220 EX TTL Flash and the Canon 550EX TTL Flash. The Ocean Brite TTL Flash Packages (Canon 220EX or Canon 550EX Flash Head in the Video~Sea or Jonah Flash Housings with an S6 Cord) are priced at $799 for the 220EX Package and $999 for the 550EX Package.

These fine new products are now shipping and we will be exhibiting them at the following Consumer Dive Shows: Beneath the Sea-Secaucus, New Jersey-March 18-20, 2005--Scuba Show Long Beach, California--May 21-22, 2005--Seaspace--Houston, Texas--June 5-6, 2005.

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