Olympus and Sony to form partnership

Article Summary:

The blog 43 Rumors has published a translation of a piece from NHK newsweb which suggests that Olympus and Sony are planing to form a partnership. The 43 Rumors translation is::

Sony and Olympus announced yesterday, September 14, that they have entered into exclusive negotiations to conclude a capitalistic partnership. Olympus discussed with several potential partners but eventually chose Sony. Sony will invest ¥50bn (i.e. €485m or $640m) in Olympus. Olympus and Sony will set up a joint-venture to develop medical devices of the next generation, such as high definition endoscopes with video and 3D technology. In order to leverage Olympus’s business of digital cameras, which is in a slump (literally: 不振), Olympus and Sony will promote cooperation and jointly develop some components. Both parties expect to sign a definitive agreement within a month.