Orcalight releases new SeaWolf lights

Orcalight has expanded their SeaWolf light range. They now offer three LED models. The first is a canister battery powered light with 22,000 lumen output and a burn time of 70 minutes at full power. The second has the same output in a hand held design and a burn time of 50 minutes and the third has an output of 15,000 lumen and a longevity of 45 minutes. All models are available with 120° beam optics and have no hot spots.

Press release

Orcalight expands 22,000 lumen dive light range

UK manufacturer Orcalight has expanded its battery-powered LED dive light range to meet industry demand.

Its models now span a 22,000 lumen canister light; the brightest battery-powered LED dive light on the market; a 22,000 lumen hand held light and a 15,000 lumen hand held light, with multiple cross-changeable options available between products and the ability to convert the underwater units to shore-based lighting.

Versatility is key in the SeaWolf’s product design. Three different optics covering 60, 90 and 120 degree angles are interchangeable between models. Lamp heads ranging from ultraviolet right through the wavelength spectrum to infrared can also be swapped between units. More still, the SeaWolf range creates no hot spot, just a gentle beam across the board.

Completing its chameleon features, each of the SeaWolf range can be easily converted to land based lighting with a shore supply land (SSL) or underwater (SSU) cable, supplied to the required length, allowing the user to enjoy full power for as long as required to a depth of choice from a low voltage direct current shore supply.

Constructed with marine grade aluminum with hard anodizing, the SeaWolf range has been designed for use in extreme environments.

The SeaWolf 2260 in use on the James Eagan Layne in Plymouth Sound (credit Orcalight/SHIPS Project).

SeaWolf 2260A Canister Light

RRP £2260 GBP

At its most powerful, Orcalight’s flagship model, the SeaWolf 2260A canister light, produces 22,000 lumens, with two variable outputs and a CRI of 83.

Pressure tested to 20 bar (190m) with a color temperature of 6,250 kelvin, the SeaWolf has a burn time of 70 minutes at full power with a 30 minute back up on its lowest 7,000 lumen setting.

The 2260A canister light is fully rechargeable, either via a charging port or by removing its three lithium ion batteries; made easy with its quick release fixtures.

Technical Specification:


What’s in The Package?

SeaWolf 1560A Hand Held Torch

RRP £2150 GBP

The SeaWolf 1560 Hand Held Torch comes under the 2260A in size only. Its output matches the canister light at 22,000 lumens; it differs only in dimensions and the need to handle the whole package for the duration, rather than mount it on a cylinder or BCD.

Technical Specification:

SeaWolf 860 Hand Held Torch

RRP £1500

The SeaWolf 860 is the 1560’s little brother in output at 15,000 lumens, but matches it in size.

Technical Specification:

Orcalight’s products are not just limited to diving. The technology has had interest more widely in various industries for commercial use including on board ship lighting, rigs and yachts, from the military, for use in CCTV and for mining/underground work.

The SeaWolf dive light collection and its peripherals can be purchased from distributors and resellers in locations worldwide. Where a distributor does not exist within a region, purchases can be made direct from Orcalight for more details.