Product images: Seacam housing for Canon 5D Mk III

Unlike most other housing manufacturers, Seacam chooses not to issue press releases about new products. In the case of their new housing for the Canon 5D Mark III, Seacam owner Marko Dimitrijevic has sent us pictures (via Seacam USA’s Stephen Frink) of his newly acquired housing for his Canon 5D Mk III.

Stephen commented: “We’re thrilled that production Seacam 5D Mk III housings are currently making their way to our photographers. Marko and I did some pool testing with his the day it arrived so we could dial in the perfect port combinations for a blue whale project he has coming up in Sri Lanka. This was the first time I’d actually handled the new Seacam iteration of 5D III housing in the water, and was impressed with the ergonomics specific to that camera. I look forward to giving it a thorough in-water test on an upcoming trip to Thailand, and will report back to Wetpixel in greater detail following.”

For more details, if you are based outside of the US, please email Seacam directly, or for those in the US, please email Stephen.