Reikan releases FoCal 2 calibration software

Reikan has announced the release of version 2 of their FoCal automatic focus tuning software. The update allows users to compare their calibration results with other users. Other changes include a lens optical performance test using an astigmatism metric and a redesigned user interface.

Press Release Text

Reikan has released a major update to its fully automated autofocus tuning software FoCal which provides autofocus fine tuning for both Nikon and Canon digital SLR cameras. Version 2 includes a unique ability for users to compare test results directly against results from other FoCal users around the world, helping to answer the age old question, “Is my camera/lens a good copy?”.

Other highlighted features for Version 2 are routines to determine lens optical performance with an astigmatism metric and a large number of changes to the user interface to make calibration faster and FoCal easier to use.