Report: Long Beach Scuba Show 2011

Abi Smigel Mullens continues her tour of exhibitors and products at the Long Beach Scuba Show 2011.

Canon WP-DC34 housing for Canon G11/G12.


The Canon WP-DC38 for the Canon S95 with .3 conversion lens that allows a 120 degree viewing angle.


The new Fantasea Air Dome with color filter attachment. This will be available at the end of June.


Front view of the Air Dome (28mm equivalent).


The Subal D7000 for Nikon D7000. The housing comes fiber optic only, with the option of adding sync cord connectors.


Back view of the Subal D7000 with rear window that uniquely can be completely removed and replaced with the PS-30 viewing prism, with a viewing angle of 30 degrees.


When I headed over to the Light & Motion booth I was greeted by their . . . ahem . . . Mermaid.


The new Sola 4000 video light. It will be available from late July and retails at $1599.


The 4000 lumen Sola 4000 next to the Sola 1200 for size comparison.


The Bluefin housing for the Canon G10 along with the camera itself.


Andy Bausk and Carmen Porto of Olympus.


Chuck Nicklin reveals the next hot dive spot to Sherrie Murphy.


John Brigham of Ikelite holds out the new Fiber Optic Adapter for Ikelite digital strobes.


The Ikelite Pro-2800 video light with battery pack.


Ran into Georgienne Bradley and Jay Ireland on the show floor.


Luigi and Rita Russo of the Arenui liveaboard.