Retra releases Light Shaping Device

Retra Underwater Technology has announced that their Light Shaping Device (LSD) is now available for purchase. The LSD can be used to focus the output from strobes into patterns or simply to be “shaped”. The device is constructed of aluminum and has a specially coated lens within it. It is supplied with 8 aperture plates to allow for different effects, and model are available to fit Seacam 150 and 250, Ikelite 125ds, Sea&Sea YS110 and YS250Pro, Subtronic Pro 270 and Inon Z-240 strobes.

The LSD is available now via the Retra website at a cost of €599 ($797). Wetpixel has a test unit and will be reviewing it soon.

Press Release.

The Retra UWT Team is introducing a new Light Shaping Device.

It features the most advanced optical system ever made for underwater light shaping.

The lenses inside LSD are custom made and coated with a special Anti-reflex coating to deliver the best performance possible.

The housing is made from premium aluminium and features two magnetic docks which are fun and easy to use for organizing apertures.

Our light database currently consist of: Seacam 150 and 250, Ikelite 125ds, Sea&Sea ys110 and ys250pro, Subtronic pro 270 and Inon Z-240.

As the LSD can be developed for any kind of underwater flash (with pilot light) or still light do not hesitate to contact us regarding compatibility for your light.

The LSD kit contains:

1 year limited warranty Price: 599€

Additional information and how to purchase the device on the Retra website.