San Diego UnderSea Film Festival program released

he eleventh annual San Diego UnderSea Film Festival (SDUFEX) has posted a program of screenings for the event, which will be held over 17/18 September 2010. Thirty-two films, from a total of fifty-five entries, were selected by the judges for showing during the festival. What makes this exhibition unique is that there are no entry fees and no prizes, except for the prestige of having a film shown. Tickets are also now available and a portion of the proceeds will go to Birch Aquarium and San Diego Oceans Foundation.

11th Annual San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition.
2010 Program.

Friday Evening, September 17th, 2010 at 7 p.m.
Master of Ceremonies: Pete Fowler
1. “Indonesia’s Reef Warriors” by Roger Uzun.
2. “The Mass Mantas of Hanifaru Bay” by Jim & Pat Stayer.
3. “Oro Verde” by Tim Blanton.
4. “Undersea Medley” by Randy Bundschuh.
5. “The Ocean World ‘Trashed’” by Bill Macdonald.
6. “SHARKS SHARKS SHARKS” by Cindy Lipthay.
7. “The Rainbow’s End” by Richard Brooks.
8 “Signed and Sealed” by Steve Douglas.
9. “Alien Rhythm” by Kris Wilk.
10. “Technical Diving in the Red Sea” by Andrea Schumacher.
11. “Explore the Coral Triangle” by Conservation International.
12. “The Way It Used To Be” by David Vik.
13. “Glimpses of Beauty” by Richard Theiss.
14. “They Emerge” by Richard Morris.
15. “Positive Living!” by Mary Lynn Price.
16. “Maldives in RED” by Howard & Michele Hall.

Saturday Evening, September 18th, 2010 at 7 p.m.
Master of Ceremonies: John Ellerbrock.
1. “Demons From The Deep” by Leandro Blanco.
2. “Viva Cuba!” by Eric Hanauer.
3. “Night Hunter” by J.J. “Joe” Ruocco.
4. “The Maldives” by J.D. Duff.
5. “The Mystery of Dolphin’s Den” by Tim Blanton.
6. “Hidden World” by Mike Boom.
7. “Under the Ice” by Richard Morris.
8. “In the Company of Whales” by Eric Cheng & Mary Lynn Price.
9. *“Christmas in July”
by Kris Wilk.
10. “Sharks of Yap” by Bill Macdonald.
11. “Turning the Tide” by Conservation International.
12. “Trouble in Paradise” by Roger Uzun.
13. “Elegance in Black & White” by Richard Theiss.
14. “Whale Trails” by Steve Cohen.
15. “Octopoda” by Walter Marti.
16. “Cocos Island May 2010” by Howard & Michele Hall.