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New World Publications announces Sensational Seas DVD production

A tour de force of exotic eye popping undersea entertainment will premiere at DEMA in Houston, TX this October.

Jacksonville, Florida - July 4th, 2004 - New World Publications is pleased to announce the DEMA premiere of Sensational Seas, a collaborative collection of exciting, unexpected, and spontaneously fun underwater images.

Escorted by veteran filmmaker Stan Waterman and distinguished marine journalist Cat Holloway, viewers will be treated to 90 minutes of previously unseen images from over 20 contributors. Dolphin courtship dancing, blenny turf wars, and remarkable false killer whales stalking sailfish are just a few of the brilliant surprises awaiting the diver and nondiver alike.

"Sensational Seas lives up to the name" charms Anna DeLoach, producer and contributor,"and includes many sequences captured during once-in-a-lifetime encounters with some ofthe most exotic animals on earth". Award winning contributors Howard and Michelle Hall, Frazier Nivens and Stan Waterman and 20 other talented filmmakers from around the worlddonated time and footage to the project.

REEF (Reef Environmental Education Foundation) - a nonprofit group of volunteer recreational divers who document marine life and population trends -- will receive all proceeds. The DVD will be available through dive retailers and directly from REEF.

About New World Publications: First published in 1989 the Caribbean Reef ID books set anew standard in marine life recognition, and firmly established co-authors Paul Humann and Ned DeLoach as quality photographers and keen behaviorists. New World Publications has since grown to be a premiere source of educational materials about the ocean realm. For further information visit www.FishID.com.

About REEF: The Reef Environmental Education Foundation is a grass-roots, non-profit organization of recreational divers who regularly conduct fish biodiversity and abundance surveys during their dives. REEF was founded in 1990 out of growing concern about the health of the marine environment, and the desire to provide the SCUBA diving community away to contribute to the understanding and protection of marine populations. For further information visit www.REEF.org.