Seth Casteel releases underwater puppies book


Seth Casteel, made famous for his underwater images of dogs, has released a new book that focuses on underwater puppies. The title of the new book is Underwater Puppies and will be in stores September 16th.

On the special gear needed for photographing puppies underwater:

I’m wearing a dog costume so that the dogs can feel like I’m one of the pack. … Just kidding. … I usually just wear a wet suit just in case. You know, if you spend 12 hours in a pool with a bunch of dogs, inevitably you’re going to get scratched up a little bit. So I do wear a wet suit. But I just hold my breath — that’s about it. I’m underwater sometimes just a few seconds, sometimes 30 seconds, 60 seconds. But I have my wet suit on. I bring the toys. I bring the fun. And we just have a blast.


Find more of Seth’s work here.