Shootout: Lembeh vs Gulen Dive Resorts

Lembeh vs Gulen Resort (©Adam Hanlon 2014) on Wetpixel

Lembeh and Gulen Dive Resorts, in conjunction with Wetpixel Associate Editor Alex Mustard, have announced a unique new shootout for 2015. This will pit critter photographers in Indonesia against their counterparts in Norway. The event will take place simultaneously at both centers from 1 to 7 June 2015.

Lembeh vs Gulen Resort (©Adam Hanlon 2014) on Wetpixel

Press release


It’s all about the critters!

Lembeh Strait is known by divers everywhere as the world’s top muck diving destination, with an astonishing array of weird critters. But Lembeh is not the only place in the world offering a wide variety of macro life: Gulen Dive Resort on the Norwegian west coast has since long been a well-known macro destination among European underwater photographers. In an innovative cooperation, Lembeh Resort in Indonesia and Gulen Dive Resort in Norway have decided to set up the world’s first dual underwater photography shootout event. Imagine some of the top photographers in the world competing against each other:

Warm water against cold, north against south, critter against critter.

In 2015 the two resorts will meet head to head for the:

Lembeh Gulen Critter Shootout June 1-7, 2015.

The Lembeh Gulen Critter Shootout is the ultimate macro photo competition: Two teams of underwater photographers will compete against each other - one of them in Lembeh Resort, the other at Gulen Dive Resort. At the same time!

Lembeh vs Gulen Resort (©Adam Hanlon 2014) on Wetpixel

The images will be submitted to a public vote. A world-wide audience will be able to follow both sides of this unique dual event through live interviews, webcasts and social media. We hereby invite underwater photographers from around the world to participate. We also invite the dive industry to support this unique competition, either as sponsors or by just spreading the world. Innovation brings us all forward!

For more details, please contact either Lembeh Resort, the Critter Shootout or Gulen Dive Resort. Bookings for the Lembeh Gulen Critter Shootout will open in April 2014.