Steven Lindfield chosen as 2008/2009 Australasian Rolex Scholar

Press Release

A panel to select the OW-USS Australasian Rolex Scholar 2008/09 was convened in Sydney on Sunday 10th February 2008.

It is therefore my duty and great pleasure to announce that the Australasian Rolex Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society Scholar for 2008/09 has been duly selected.

The new OWUS is Mr. Steven Lindfield, an Australian citizen.

Steve has a Bachelor of Science degree with Class 1 honours in Marine Science from the University of Newcastle in New South Wales.

Steve’s hopes for the future: “My personal goals revolve around the ocean, I believe everyone has a reason in life, and I know mine is related to maintenance of the biodiversity of the ocean. Fish are my favourite group of marine organisms, my life so far has revolved around them and I hope the rest of my life will continue to do the same. I am grateful that I have had experience with a diversity of marine life at a young age.”

Steve’s goals “There are so many legends that have dedicated their life to environment, especially the marine environment: whether it is from ecological research, taxonomy or public advocates and documentary workers. These people have really made a difference to the world and I only hope that one day I will become one of them.”

Please join me in welcoming Steve to the Scholarship family and wishing him every success during his Scholarship year and thereafter.  I feel he is a very worthy recipient who will be a shining ambassador for the Scholarship Society, our Corporate Sponsor Rolex and not least of all, himself and his family.

Yours sincerely,

Jayne Jenkins
Vice President, Australasian Operations
Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society

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