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John Ellerbrock: The Origins of Seal Check Photo

John Ellerbrock: The Origins of Seal Check

Gates Underwater Product’s John Ellerbrock provides a brief history of vacuum seal checking devices. Now consider de rigueur on most new housing purchases, it is interesting to note that the recent surge in their popularity has suggested that they are a new idea. John points out that filmmakers have been vacuum checking their housings for at least 70 years.

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Tony Wu: A Gathering of Giants Photo

Tony Wu: A Gathering of Giants

Underwater photographer and “whale whisperer” Tony Wu has written a personal account of his encounter with a large breeding aggregation of sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) on bioGraphic. He notes that the reason for these large gatherings are still unknown and that despite whaling no longer being a threat to their survival, ship strikes and plastic ingestion still makes the species’s survival uncertain.

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Norbert Wu’s Favorite Images: Shark Diving in San Diego Photo

Norbert Wu’s Favorite Images: Shark Diving in San Diego

Norbert Wu presents the next in his series highlighting his favorite images from his career. He takes us to California in the late 1980s and the very early days of diving and photographing with blue and mako sharks off San Diego. Also included are some very salient thoughts for aspirant professional photographers along with the text of an article he wrote describing his first assignment which required him to photograph a menacing shark near a diver.

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Freeze Frame: Introduction Photo

Freeze Frame: Introduction

Wetpixel are proud to introduce Freeze Frame; an exclusive new monthly column by award winning underwater filmmaker Evan Sherman. He will be writing about the tips and tricks that make image and video creation work in some of the most extreme and remote locations in the world. In this first installment, Evan outlines his philosophy in the “battle” to “win the image-making war.”

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Norbert Wu’s Favorite Images: Deep Sea Anglerfish Photo

Norbert Wu’s Favorite Images: Deep Sea Anglerfish

In this episode of underwater photographer Norbert Wu’s favorite images column, he talks about photographing and sampling creatures that were caught as a part of a deep sea marine biology research project. His images of the deep sea anglerfish (Melanocetus johnsoni) went on grace the cover of Time magazine in 1995 and many other publications since then too.

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