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Wild Oceans: Sogod Bay in 4K Photo

Wild Oceans: Sogod Bay in 4K

Earth Touch’s Wild Oceans episode comes from Sogod Bay in the Philippines and has been uploaded to YouTube in 4K resolution. It features lionfish, nudibranchs, anemone shrimps anemonefish and a mystery fish! Earth Touch are asking that if anyone can identify it, to add a comment below the video on YouTube.

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Video: Sogod Bay in 4K Photo

Video: Sogod Bay in 4K

This weeks Earth Touch Wild Oceans episode is from Sogod Bay, southern Philippines. Filmed in 4K, cameraman Stewart Whitfield shows the beauty of this dive and the incredible quality of the reef. Look out for damselfish, masked porcupinefish, a magnificently camouflaged spiny devilfish and soft corals.

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Video: Corals, clear waters and cruising fish Photo

Video: Corals, clear waters and cruising fish

Earth Touch’s Wild Oceans channel features footage from Andiamo in Indonesia shot by Wetpixel Moderator Mike Veitch. It features large schools of fish, from hundreds of yellow-spotted fusiliers (Caesio teres) to cruising batfish and a school of convict blennies (Pholidichthys leucotaenia) hovering close to the reef. Beautifully coloured soft corals, sponges and amazing sea fans decorate the sea floor.

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