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Datacolor offers color management ebook Photo

Datacolor offers color management ebook

Datacolor has released a free ebook that comprehensively explains color management strange for photographers and videographers. Spyder5 eBook: Color management can be easy is a 6 chapter guide, with each new chapter being released at 3 week intervals. Registration is required to receive the ebook but also offers a 20% discount on the purchase of a Spyder5Pro and Spyder5Elite.

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Free eBook: Lightroom Performance Photo

Free eBook: Lightroom Performance

Victoria Bampton, aka the Lightroom Queen, has released a free pdf eBook which gives practical information about how to improve Lightroom’s performance. She delves into how Lightroom works, how to set it up, hardware choices and workflow techniques, all in the aim of improving its speed and performance.

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Cozumel diving guide ebook available Photo

Cozumel diving guide ebook available

Steve Rosenberg has let us know that his updated Dive Cozumel interactive eBook is available now. It features extensive information on both diving and land activities as well as practical travel recommendations and tips. It also includes a complete section on the marine life found in the waters near Cozumel.

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Dive Galapagos eBook released Photo

Dive Galapagos eBook released

Dive Galapagos is an informative new eBook by Steve Rosenberg with detailed descriptions of all of the dive sites in the Galapagos, as well as lots of information about land tours, the wildlife and practical advice for planning a dive trip. The book features over 250 images and a selection of maps, and is a must have for anyone who is planning to dive in the Galapagos.

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