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Ikelite ships housing for EOS M3 Photo

Ikelite ships housing for EOS M3

At DEMA in 2015, Ikelite announced their plans to support the Canon EOS M3 mirrorless camera. The new housing is now shipping and offers TTL compatibility with DS series strobes, electric connection with other strobes and fiber optic ports for optical triggering. Ikelite are offering support for “all popular” lenses.

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Ikelite ships Sony RX100 IV housing Photo

Ikelite ships Sony RX100 IV housing

Ikelite has announced their housing for the Sony RX100 IV. The new housing has a slide-in front loading camera tray and a redesigned spring-loaded rear dial control. Ikelite’s polycarbonate construction means that the camera’s wifi function can be used to download images at the surface.

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Ikelite ships dome diffusers Photo

Ikelite ships dome diffusers

Ikelite has announced a dome diffuser for their DS161, DS160 and DS125 strobes. The diffusers increase and soften the spread of the beam, while the material has a high transmissivity which allows the strobes’ full output through. The strobes’ color temperature is unchanged at around 4800°K when the diffusers are used.

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Ikelite announces magnifying viewfinders Photo

Ikelite announces magnifying viewfinders

Ikelite has announced the mid-January release of two magnifying viewfinders for their housings. The two models are a straight and a 45° version. The 45° viewfinder has two versions, one with more clearance for housings that have controls that stick out more.

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Ikelite announces 67mm lens holder Photo

Ikelite announces 67mm lens holder

Ikelite has announced their new 67mm lens holder. This can be attached to their Ball Arm Extension Mark II and provides a convenient place to “park” 67mm threaded wet lenses when they are not in use. They can be attached singly or “back to back” so that two lenses can be attached simultaneously.

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Aquatica offers TTL control of Ikelite strobes Photo

Aquatica offers TTL control of Ikelite strobes

Ikelite and Aquatica have announced that the former’s internal TTL strobe circuitry will be available on certain Aquatica housings going forward. This will allow TTL control of Ikelite’s DS series strobes with Aquatica housing, with the latter’s housing for the Canon EOS 7D Mark II being the first to offer this option. Ikelite’s DS series strobes have warm color temperatures that many photographers find pleasing for wide-angle photography.

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